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15 Nov

Getting started

It’s ironic.  One week into launching a blog that inspires to help people get more organized, and the biggest challenge is to organize my own thoughts!  It turns out organizing “stuff” and organizing thoughts are two entirely different beasts.  Go figure. 😉  At some point, as with all projects, you have stop thinking about it and dive in, or else it’ll never happen!

Getting more organized is kind of the same way.  It’s a commitment—of time and of energy—and for those reasons (& more) it becomes all too easy to put off starting.


Life Changes

IMG_3133Often a big life change, such as moving, is the catalyst for starting an organizing project.  Fitting your life into new a space— perhaps with more room, maybe with less—means that one has to adopt new systems that suit your lifestyle within the changing space.  And of course, the physical act of moving all that STUFF can definitely inspire you to take a good hard look at what it all is (& hopefully purge a few things!)

Welcoming a baby is another life change that often inspires an organizational kickstart.  Instead of changing spaces, the challenge becomes how to reconfigure an existing space to fit another (little) person who comes into the world with a whole host of more STUFF!

Regardless of the impetus, organizing is about optimizing your space and using it to its best advantage.  At the end of the day, an organization project should make your space easier and more enjoyable to use.  Whether you’re considering tackling a space on your own or seeking professional help, remember that step one is committing to it and diving in.  (You can totally do it!)  Once you’re engaged, yes, it’ll take some time and energy, but see it through and an improved space is never too far away.

Your future self will thank you for it!


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