Happy Clients: NYC Rachel’s WiggleRoom Story

NYC Rachel’s Apartment Challenge:

Rachel’s challenge was two-fold: after being out of her apartment for the better part of 8 months, it seemed her entire life was in boxes in her storage room. That’s stressful enough for anyone, but as a very expectant mother for the first time, it was too daunting a challenge to even consider doing alone.

Our Joint Strategy

Unpack, sort, & categorize. Rachel had an amazing storage unit in her apartment building. When she did renovations to her apartment, most things moved down to the storage unit but never came back up. Lugging boxes up and downstairs & going through everything would be an exhausting hassle for sure, but at eight months pregnant, it was truly impossible. That’s where WiggleRoom came in! Rachel needed someone to bring everything up to her apartment, unpack and do an initial sort so she could easily see what she had.

Design an organizational structure for Mommy & child alike As a first time Mom, of course Rachel wanted to make her apartment feel like home again before the baby came. As often is the case, clutter was an issue, mostly paper clutter. Rachel needed a proper filing system, one that didn’t take up too much space, and wouldn’t get out of hand as her time decreased. Of course, she also needed a new way to use her storage unit. Things she didn’t need to access regularly, were put in clearly marked bins and brought down to storage.

In Rachel’s words:

“Kelly was fantastic! I was displaced from my apartment almost my entire pregnancy and then panicked when I was able to move back in at 8 months. I thought I would never get completely unpacked and organized before my son arrived. Kelly went above and beyond getting my apartment ready and giving me peace of mind that I was ready to bring a baby into my apartment. Everything was in place, all boxes unpacked and she came up with so many creative solutions to my small spaces and creating more space for the baby’s things. I would hire her again in a second.”

Before and After Pics:

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