A Few of Our Favorite Clients

Kids’ Playroom transformation (a Wiggle Room specialty!)

“Kelly is absolutely fabulous. Kelly went through every single toy, pen and crayon, testing each one to see they still worked! I have a 1 year-old boy and 4 year-old daughter so she organized the room so that my son has easy access to toys that are safe for him and my daughter can still reach things that she would like to play with but are not safe for my son’s age.

Now, my children can actually see all their toys so they can choose what they want to play with. Furthermore, clean-up is so easy now that my daughter actually likes to put things away-literally! When everything is back in its place, she says with delight, “We are so organized!” Being and playing in a room where everything has its place is more relaxing and fun for everyone.

Kelly is such a pleasure to work with. Her upbeat, positive personality makes the whole experience so nice–I was sad when the project was over–I liked having her around! I cannot recommend Kelly more highly. Her work is a true gift and has changed our lives!”

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New Home Move-in

“Kelly was fantastic! I was displaced from my apartment almost my entire pregnancy and then panicked when I was able to move back in at 8 months. I thought I would never get completely unpacked and organized before my son arrived. Kelly went above and beyond getting my apartment ready and giving me peace of mind that I was ready to bring a baby into my apartment. Everything was in place, all boxes unpacked and she came up with so many creative solutions to my small spaces and creating more space for the baby’s things. I would hire her again in a second.”

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Multi-use Spaces

Kelly was more important to the smooth arrival of my daughter than my obstetrician! I work in the Crafts industry and my apartment is filled with knitting and sewing supplies. Creating organizational systems required small lessons in fabric designs and knitting tools which Kelly willingly learned. Kelly calmly dealt with my “shenanigans” (her word) and reordered my entire life.

As a seasoned nanny and school teacher she knew better than I did what I would need for my new baby and what could be put away for a while –including sussing which pre-maternity clothes would fit soonest after her birth and storing them with easy access. I am the first to admit the job was beyond enormous and Kelly tackled it with tireless humor, enthusiasm and sensibility –all while dealing with a hormonal wreck in the throes of her first trimester. Kelly is worth her weight in gold. She rocks!

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Attic, Basement or “out of the way” Storage Areas

Kelly Kaplan has contributed more to my well being than any mental health professional. She is like a dream sibling: helpful, supportive, nonjudgmental, attentive, capable and at the end of the day, she takes away all of the crap that has been clogging your life in her big car!

Kelly came into my life a year ago, after my son’s fifth major organ surgery (he had just turned two). I had worked until the moment he was born in a demanding job with lots of travel, and my husband and I had never fully unpacked after moving in together. My son’s many surgeries (which have kept him in great health, thank goodness) generated lots of paperwork, and the stress of caring for a young child in and out of the hospital meant that no new organizing systems were put into place.

In short, our huge Brookline condo was a hot mess of my work files, unpacked boxes, all the clutter of two people who had never taken the time to streamline, medical paperwork, and baby stuff. Kelly helped us in most of the rooms of our house, and it has made a huge difference in our daily happiness.

Kelly worked with me for six weeks to help transform my living space into a calm, organized place. She was extremely compassionate and understanding about how emotionally challenging the process was for me. Looking at all of that stuff made me realize how much my family had been through, how much our lives had changed, and that we needed to work within the parameters of our new reality, including a way to organize and store my work files given that my current role is as Executive Director of My House.

Kelly is not only excellent at her job, she is a kind and thoughtful person who genuinely wants to help people have better lives by helping them order their living spaces. Unlike the stereotype of a home organizer, Kelly never told me to “get rid of” anything (although she did gently point out the expired cans of food in my pantry and asked what I wanted to “do” with them). Kelly meets you where you are to help implement the desire to be happier.

The work I did with Kelly has also helped maintain harmony in our home. My husband is a very private person who was not initially comfortable with having a “stranger” in our home. He understood, however, that I was very unhappy living and working in clutter and disarray. After Kelly and I finished, he thanked me for working so hard to help make our house a nicer place to live, and he appreciates the systems we put in place to make life easier for everyone.

Kelly really tries to understand how you use your space, what’s important to you, and how to make things more functional. She is never didactic or pushy, and she will do whatever she can to help. A year after our work together, my house is still organized. Happily, this time it only took two days for Kelly to help me set up my home office so I have a place to work when I return to my career.

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