Happy Clients: Emily’s WiggleRoom Story

Emily’s Closet Challenges:

Depends on who you ask!

When pressed, Emily will admit that the sheer number of uniforms and clothes that had piled up over the years, causing her closet to more resemble an entire department at the Gap rather than one person’s closet did bother her. Then again, she certainly wouldn’t let her mom know that. Mom’s pretty sharp though, and knew this to be true. She also knew that she was probably the last person her daughter would listen to & take help from. Time to bring in the big guns!

Our Joint Strategy

Make space by donating what no longer fit. A 13 year old with enough extra-curricular activities to get admitted to college, Emily had more than her fair share of uniforms & babydolls that were more memorabilia than they were current clothing choices. Removing these gave us almost half the space in her closet back.

A better system for organizing. With our newfound space, Emily now needed a gentle nudge, and a new frame of reference for how to put her clothes away in her closet. Out of season clothes all grouped together, fun fashion clothes for school kept apart from activewear for her sports. The best part about including the little ones in the process, and empowering them, is watching what happens when the system clicks for them. It’s been over a few months, and her system still works for her!

What Did Emily Think?

“I had a lot of fun working with Kelly. She made it so easy to organize all of my clothing and my things. I know where everything is, and I only kept the things that matter to me. I’m happier being in my room, and I’m excited to keep it looking good.”

…And Mom?

“Working with Kelly was great for our family. She was incredibly efficient and energetic. I couldn’t believe how quickly she cleared out and reorganized my daughter’s bedroom. Now my daughter knows where everything is and where to put everything. She’s able to keep her room organized and neat and find things quickly when she needs them. She actually wants to hang up her clothes and keep things organized, because she loves it!”

Before and After Pics:

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