Organizing With Busy Moms

Kelly Kaplan, Chief Organizer

Kelly wasn’t always a fabulous organizer to even more fabulous Moms.  She started out as early childhood educator. After spending the better part of a decade teaching in a Boston-area preschool, Kelly moved to NYC, and quickly became ensconced in the local community. She started working directly with some busy (new) Moms.

In Search of Breathing Room

While Kelly worked with these amazing families, she was fascinated by the fact that their kiddos would pull shenanigans at home they wouldn’t dream of in the classroom. Kelly found she could integrate organizational routines from the classroom, directly within the home, and impact these Moms’ daily lives. She involved the kids in organizing their playrooms, keeping things at eye level and clearly visible so they wouldn’t just use the floor as storage space! Needless to say, her Moms were impressed.  One by one, these Moms started to encourage Kelly to share her expertise with a wider audience.

Wiggle Room Was Born

In 2010, Kelly and her husband moved back to their hometown of Boston, and Wiggle Room was born. Wiggle Room’s mission is to help Mom’s gain a leg up on their little ones, and restore order to their chaos.


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