Organizing Packages & Pricing

Overwhelmed By Clutter?

If your kitchen, closet or kids play areas have you feeling overwhelmed, call in a pro who’s happy to roll up her sleeves, and sit back and relax. That’s what we call Wiggle Room!

Wiggle Room packages are based around a Mom’s needs:

  • for Moms with a specific problem space or area in need of organizing & taming, see our WiggleRoom Organizing packages for a WiggleRoom Makeover
  • for Moms who are moving, or settling into their new home, and need hands-on help establishing order from within the chaos of moving, get a Fresh Start with our WiggleRoom moving packages

We’re here to help, so if neither package seems like the perfect fit, don’t be afraid to drop us a line.  We’re happy to tailor a plan to match your lifestyle as well as your space. We work at an hourly rate of $70, for as many or as few hours as you need.


WiggleRoom Organizing Packages

Room makeovers designed for Moms with specific spaces or problem areas in mind.

Need to reclaim your kitchen counter back, and make cooking fun (or at least, possible!) – this is the package for you.

Available in two (2) options:

Mini-makeover: $265 (save over 5% off our hourly rate);

  • includes up to four (4) hours of hands-on organizing
  • perfect for smaller spaces, like overwhelming toy closets, overflowing kitchen cabinets or bathrooms
  • helpful for busy Moms who want a push to get started on a larger organizing sweep through their homes!

Complete-makeover: $499 (save over 10% off our hourly rate);

  • includes up to eight (8) hours of hands-on organizing
  • perfect for entire rooms, like kids playrooms or bedroom, or grown up spaces like kitchens or home offices (especially those where you can no longer see the floor!)
  • helpful for Moms who crave an organizational system, tailored to their needs, and strive to turn kids into allies against clutter

As with all Wiggle Room organizing projects, the first step is a no-strings, no-cost 30 minute assessment. Give us a call to schedule a visit today.


WiggleRoom Moving Packages

Fresh Start designed for Moms who have recently moved into a new home, or are planning to in the near future.

Like a busy Mom’s life, moving with children is no easy feat! It’s also a HUGE opportunity to get systems in place that keep the clutter at bay, and give everyone a fresh start in their new home.

Available in two (2) options:

Pre-move Purge:

The best offense in starting fresh is a good defense! We’ll help you sort through your things, aiming to spot what kids toys may have a better home at a local orphanage or in a family members house, and other clothes, or papers that may not need to make the trip. After the pre-move purge, we can even organize into piles to making Packing & Labeling easier on yourself & your movers!

Unpacking & Move-in:

Unpacking often sounds simple like opening boxes and putting things away (some would say, randomly!) but that’s only the beginning. Where & how you choose to unpack things creates a system that’s far easier to stick to and manage over time if it’s well thought out. That’s what we’ll focus on, so you can get back to enjoying your new view!

Fresh Start moving packages start at $265 for one, or $499 for both packages, and increase depending on the size of your move.  After our no-obligation, no-cost assessment, we’ll provide a full estimate for time & costs. We promise there will be no pricing surprises once we kickoff!

If you’ve just moved, give us a call to schedule a visit today.  If you’re planning an upcoming move, it’s best if you call us 4 – 6 weeks before you plan to move, so we can best help you plan and prepare.