Give the Gift of Organization

13 Dec

Everyone Can Use Some Wiggle Room

gift-organizationThe holiday season is upon us!  It can be a  fun time of year (parties! presents!) but also stressful and time consuming (parties! presents!).  Sometimes finding the right gift for a loved one or family member is easy, but often it can be a challenge.  What do you give the person that has EVERYTHING?  How about giving the gift of organization…

A Wiggle Room gift certificate can be a creative and thoughtful way to help bring order to the lives of busy moms and dads, overworked professionals, friends or relatives that are moving (or have recently), or might be expecting a new child- really, just about anyone!

If you’ve used Wiggle Room’s services yourself, you’re familiar with our process, but if not, here’s a bit more about what “giving” a gift of Wiggle Room looks like:


The Wiggle Room Experience

Wiggle Room’s goal is to create systems that simplify clients’ lives.  Home organization is such a personal service, we must take time to establish a relationship with each of our clients, starting with our free 30-minute face-to-face assessment.

We do an in-home assessment, and create a plan for working together.  Each client and space is different; the size of the space, the current state of “things”, and the client’s goals are all factors in determining how much time a project will take. We aim to use what you have around the house so you’re not spending lots of money on supplies too.

While our services are available hourly, we also offer two (money saving!) packages.  These offer some guidance in figuring out what size gift is appropriate for the lucky recipient.

A Mini-Makeover ($265 for 4 hrs):

  • Includes up to 4 hours of hands-on organizing
  • Perfect for smaller spaces, like overwhelming toy closets, overflowing kitchen cabinets or bathrooms
  • Helpful for busy people that want a push to get started on a larger organizing sweep through their homes

A Complete Makeover ($499 for 8 hours):

  • Includes up to 8 hours of hands-on organizing
  • Perfect for entire rooms, like kitchens or home offices, or kid’s playrooms or bedrooms (especially those where you can no longer see the floor!)
  • Helpful for people that need an organizational system, tailored to their needs, and strive to turn kids into allies against clutter

To read more, check out the “Organization Packages” on our website.  And don’t just take our word for it- listen to those whose lives have been impacted through some professional organizational help!

If the gift of Wiggle Room sounds like just the right thing for someone on your list this year, do not hesitate to contact Wiggle Room!  We’d love to take the time to speak with you and tailor a gift package that suits your recipient’s needs perfectly!

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